Volunteers support Deaf persons who suffered from disaster in Fukuoka

July 15, 2017

Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture located in Japan's southern island, suffered large damage by a record torrential downpour.

About 20 members of "Fukuoka Prefecture Association Sign Language Group" visited two houses of Deaf persons, and worked to  removed sand which flowed in the houses. 

The house in which Fujise Hideo, 82, lives was full of earth and sand on the floor. One of the volunteers was extracting mud using a shovel after he learned the situation and damage of the those days from Fujise and his family by sign language.

Fujise said, "I am really relieved to have someone who can communicate when I need help. It's the serious situation, but, I'd like to exert myself."

One of the volunteers explained, "Deaf people often have trouble in the time of an accident, so I ran to help them."

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