Turkey: Deaflympics ends, Japan picks 27 medals

July 31, 2917

Deaflympics held in Samusun, Turkey, with more than 3,000 athletes from 97 countries and areas since July 18 ended on July 30, and the closing ceremony was performed. (photo)

Japan national team competed in 11 sport items and won 27 medals (six gold medal, 9 silver medals and 12 bronze medals). They collected more medals than the last Deaflympics in Bulgaria four years ago which was 21 medals.

Deaflympics is less known in Japan compared with Olympics and Paralympics. Japanese Federation of the Deaf as national desk has put the effort into national enlightenment activity as well as improvement of competitive ability in the Deaf athletes.

The next Deaflympic Summer Games is planning to be held in 2121, although the site isn't decided yet.

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