Shikoku area organization publishes book on dialect in sign language

Sign Language for "MORNING"
expressed by four prefectures
July 11, 2017

Shikoku Federation of the Deaf (secretariat in Kagawa Prefecture) and others published the book (B5 size; 76 pages, DVD) which introduces "dialect" of the sign language daily used in the Shikoku area which locates four prefectures after about two years of collection. 

The sign language which developed respectively in every region across Japan is different in the meaning and an expression, and a communication problem will be expected in case of emergency such as disaster.

Shikoku Federation hopes to succeed to sign language used in each region as well as prepare for Nankai-trough disastrous earthquake to prevent confusion in interpreting. 

Japanese Federation of the Deaf located in Tokyo says there are about 350,000 Deaf/deaf persons in the whole country, and about 70,000 out of them daily use sign language. The federation has worked on "standard sign language" by Japan Sign Language Research Center in Kyoto-shi since 1969.

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