People experience taking summary note as part of deaf awareness
June 13, 2017

The event aiming at learning how to make summary note was sponsored by the Nabari-shi Office in Mie Prefecture, which attempts to promote deafness awareness, in the City Office on June 10. (photo) 40 persons including citizens and municipal officers participated.

The event was held to increase more supporters before the city enforces the "Sign Language and Other Communications Regulation on June 27. 

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World Federation of the Deaf appeals "improvement of Sign Language law" in Kyoto.
June 8, 2017

The Sign Language Law Forum which focused on the legal system of Sign Languages in the world as a theme took placed in the National Sign Language Training Center at Kyoto-shi on June 6.

Two members of the World Federation of the Deaf board directors gave a presentation on necessity of development of legislation through International Sign interpretation. (photo)

The forum was held by the Kinki Federation of the Deaf as a part of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf's 70th anniversary program. It was the first time for the Kinki Federation to invite WFD officials, and about 170 people attended the event.

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Deaf soccer: Friendship match for Japan and Korea
June 11, 2017

A Deaf soccer friendship match by Japan and Korea, sponsored by the Japanese Deaf Soccer Association, was held in Munakata-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture located in Japan's southern island on June 10.

Japan won easily with 4-0.

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Deaf society presents book on protection against disasters for junior high schools in Toyohashi
June 7, 2017

The Toyohashi-shi Organization of Deaf Groups in Aichi Prefecture, part of central Japan, which has produced a cartoon book based on the protection against disasters radio play titled "If a person with disabilities comes to the shelter," presented 880 copies (22 schools---40 copies each, 88,000 yen equivalence) on June 6 for all the junior high schools in the city. (photo)

The book (A4-size, 31 pages) was based on a scenario of the disaster prevention radio play for the "shelter experience" which was performed three years ago at the city welfare center.

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Gifu School for the Deaf children challenge pizza making at store
June 6, 2017

28 elementary children of Gifu School for the Deaf in Gifu-shi, Gifu Prefecture, near Osaka, visited the pizza store in the city, "Da Asch" and learned how to make pizza from the cooking staff on June 5.

The staff showed how to stretch dough, etc., speaking slowly while communicating by gesture. (photo)

The store has invited the children who have disabilities as their contribution in the area by offering a program with pizza making and a dinner since four years ago.

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Sapporo-shi to discuss Sign Language Regulation with Deaf organization

June 6, 2017

Sapporo-shi in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, made the policy on June 5 which places sign language as a language and considers establishment of "Sign Language Regulation" aiming at improvement of Deaf persons' right.

The City Office has aimed at developing a policy on the regulation which communication means of the person with disabilities, such as sign language as well as braille and the transliteration, incorporated widely at first. The policy was changed because a Deaf group arose a question.

The city will discuss a legal text with the group; such as a phrase "Sign language has its own language system", "the city enforces the policy to promote understanding of sign language," and others. The regulation establishment time is uncertain.

In Hokkaido 13 municipalities of autonomous bodies including Ishikari-shi and Shintoku-cho have established a sign language regulation as of April 20.

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TRS saves Deaf persons in marine accident at night

June 4, 2017
At night on June 3, four Deaf office workers aged between 46 and 51 caught the pleasure boat that was overturned at Mikawa Bay in Nishino-shi, Aichi Prefecture located in central Japan, and they were rescued. 

One of the Deaf men requested relief using "the Telephone Relay Service" through his own smart phone. The patrol boat received the emergency notice and rescued about four hours later.

Around 5:30pm on June 3, an engine stopped the pleasure boat by some defects according to Marine Safety Station officials. They assumed that seawater might enter in the boat, which later was overturned.

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Prince Akishinonomiya speaks at 65th National Deaf Conference

Prince Akishinonomiya and his wife visit a work exhibit 
at Fukuoka Deaf Special Support High School.
June 4, 2017

Prince Akishinonomiya, the younger brother of the Crown Prince, and his wife Kiko attended the 65th National Deaf Conference at Fukuoka-shi located in Japan's southern island on June 4.

This meet, attracting about 4,100 persons who were Deaf and welfare persons concerned, commemorated Japanese Federation of the Deaf's 70th anniversary of establishment.

Prince Akishinonomiya presented his greeting, speaking with sign language, "I pay my respects to long effort of the Federation which has advanced social involvement of the Deaf persons. I hope sincerely that development of community building based on a universal design and the information access environment will be accelerated."

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Fire fighting staff in Hokkaido start learning sign language for sports meet
June 3, 2017

The 50th Hokkaido Summer Deaf Athletic Meeting" will be held on July 1-2 at Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido, Japan's norther island. 

A sign language study meeting for the fire fighting staff was held at the city fire fighting head office. About 30 firemen  learned the basic sign language used at a first aid site. (photo)

The study meeting was planned in cooperation with  Kitahiroshima Association of the Deaf, the sponsor of the sports meet, to help a fire fighting staff  communicate with a Deaf person better when a first aid is requested at the meet. 

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War dead mourned by sign language dance in Okinawa
June 3, 2017

Non Profit Organization Sign Language Dance YOU & I Okinawa "Young Leaf" showed the sign language dance to mourn at the Okinawa Peace Prayer Hall in Mabuni, Itoman-shi, Okinawa Prefecture on June 3. (photo)

The members of ten clubs who belong to "Young Leaf" expressed the contents of lyrics by sign language and danced at the same time.

About 100 people attended this event, which was the second time following last year.

The "Young Leaf" leader explained, "Deaf  as well as hearing persons died during the battle in Okinawa in 1945. We expressed the feelings for all the war victims whose names are inscribed in the monument."

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Library arranges human services staff for the Deaf to encourage use library


Nagano Prefecture Sign Language Regulation has been carried out since March, 2016, and promotion of understanding of sign language and its users, and the spread of sign language are an issue of the local community.

Suzaka Library in the prefecture arranged two staff for a human services in charge,  planning improvement of the use environment from a more welfare point of view.

A group of Deaf persons visited Suzaka Library with members of Suzaka Sign Language Club on May 25. Almost all seven Deaf visitors were a beginner, and some applied for a personal user card first.

Suzaka Sign Language Club has made a group user card of the Suzaka Library earlier this year. With the card the club can borrow at most 30 books for a month. Because the request from the Deaf club members were interested to select a book to read by themselves, the visit to the library came true as a part of the club regular activity.

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Teeth health guidance takes place at school for the deaf in Kagoshima-shi


There was a guidance health program on   the teeth and the mouth by dental hygienists and others at the Prefecture Kagoshima School for the Deaf in Kagoshima-shi, located in Japan's southern island.

Kagoshima-shi Dental Association holds in accordance with the "Healthy Teeth and Mouth Week" which Japan has advanced for June 4-10 every year.

All the children and students, from preschoolers through high school students, received health teeth guidance on June 1 at the school. The kindergarten children and their parents learned how to polish the teeth properly from a dental hygienist. The students from the first graders to high school students learned  importance of the teeth brushing through a play and a quiz prepared by the dental academy college students.

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Ward in Tokyo starts interpreting service through app and telephone
June 1, 2017

Minato Ward, Tokyo started the "telephone service" for its inhabitant with hearing impairment to communicate with the  administrative agency, a hospital, a police  or a fire fighting station through the use of the application on a smart phone or tablet. (photo) It is said to be the first try by an autonomous body in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Minato Ward Office has incorporated 5,750,000 yen into the budget the current year as the project cost entrusted to the Interpretation Center. 

Welfare disabilities department officials explained, "This is a measure to respond the person with disabilities discrimination removal law which was carried out last year. No more burden on the people who had to go to the office for a small request."

About 300 inhabitants in the Ward are able to use the service at 8:00am-9:00pm.

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Afghan woman with artificial leg to visit Japan after 14 years

June 2, 2017

The movie titled "I Love Peace" about the Deaf woman who aims at a certified  artificial limb equipment producer makes an artificial leg for a land mine victim while building trustful relationship with the girl by gestures. The movie was taken in Shimane and Afghanistan in 2003. Even it showed in Afghanistan in 2005, too.

The Afghan girl who appeared on the movie lost her right leg by a land mine at the age of four. Afifa, 24, is going to visit Japan in the end of June after 14 years to get herself a new artificial leg in Oda-shi, Shimane Prefecture located in western Japan.

The manufacturer "Nakamura Brace" which produces artificial limb and an equipment in the city, used as a stage of the movie, will present Afifa a new artificial leg.

The exchange between Afifa and Nakamura Brace have stopped for a long time. The president of the said maker received an e-mail from Afifa in January this year. "My artificial leg broke, and no one could fix it. Please help me." It was revealed that her artificial leg didn't match any more by her growth and worsened quality of the artificial leg.

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Deaf senior citizen residence opens in Sapporo, first in Japan
May 23, 2017

The "Village of Smiles", a house with a service for the Deaf senior citizens aged over 60 opened in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, on April 1. (photo)

Sapporo Association of the Deaf achieved an earnest wish in 40 years: a living place without worrying about being Deaf you can enjoy living. It is assumed to be the first housing with a service for the elder Deaf across Japan.

The "Village of Smiles" has three floors: the second and third floors are used as a resident room. At most 24 people live in 20 rooms including double rooms. A single room will be charged 100,000~120,000 yen a month including rent, board and others.

A small-scale multi-functional type home nursing business managed by the Association is on the first floor. So far 14 people moved in 12 rooms by April 26.

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Sign language club for child rearing mother celebrates 10th anniversary

Maruyama (front center)
May 27, 2017

A Deaf mother, Maruyama Kiyomi, started the child rearing sign language club named "Pingu" in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. Deaf and hearing mothers with their children enjoy sharing a time at the same time as learning sign language.

Maruyama who was bringing up her baby was unable to follow conversation in other child-rearing club. She started a club with two mothers who were able to sign in April, 2007.

A Deaf mother, and a hearing mother who was interested in sign language while  rearing her children joined in the club one after another.

The club celebrated its 10th anniversary of establishment this year. (photo)  Currently 13 sets of mother with children aged 20-40s, and Maruyama and others aged 30-50s belong to the club. Among them there are four Deaf mothers.

Hearing mothers commented: "There aren't other places where you can take a child and interchange by sign language. I'm enjoying myself very much," "An ambiguity isn't to Deaf persons, and they are clear about likes and dislikes. We are learning Deaf culture". 

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