Expressing city name in sign language, it's Mickey Mouse!

May 11, 2017 

The sign language for "Urayasu-shi" in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo was introduced recently on the Internet. As it exactly looks like Mickey Mouse, it became the topic of conversation.

A local sign language club in Urayasu-shi explained about this sign (photo). The movement which indicates "Urayasu-shi" draws a rather big circle by both hands so that an ear may be grown on the head. It certainly looks like the ears of the main character of the popular theme park Tokyo Disney Resort in the city.

Disneyland started the business in Urayasu-shi in 1983, but the public relations of the Resort commented that they never have been involved in making such a sign.

An old sign for Urayasu-shi is still expressed, but the sign language club that started in 1980 says they doesn't know the history of the sign for Mickey or Disneyland clearly.

The cast given training as an interpreter is putting the round badge which drew Mickey's hand, guiding a Deaf visitor at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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