Annual Deaf soccer league event held in Tokyo

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April 28, 2017

The Japan Deaf  Soccer Association (JDFA) held the 16th JDFA Deaf League meeting in Tokyo on April 22-23, which attracted about 300 people.

With the theme, "Let's enjoy ourselves together," 130 Deaf and hearing players aged 14-61. They were divided into two age groups; under aged 34 and over 36, and four teams played. (photo 1)

On the second day, 48 children from  kindergartners through junior high school first year enjoyed soccer with experienced players and the Japan Deaf Soccer Team players. (photo 2)

With an international referee who was invited, a panel discussion was held under the theme, "What differs between Deaf soccer and Pro soccer: on communication", and a referee technique experience were performed. (photo 3)

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