Deaf professional lectures on space in Ibaraki Prefecture

HAZEGAWA Akiko at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

HAZEGAWA Akiko of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) lectured at Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture on February 6.

She talked about the topics related to space, daily happenings in the world of space, etc. where she entered getting over the handicap of being Deaf.

Often having had to give up a job because of hearing loss, she was fortunately hired by JAXA four years ago in the field related to the space that she had yearned from an early age.

She is taking charge of making the operation plan of the satellite, etc.

Born in Tokyo in 1982. B.A. in information engineering from Tsukuba College of Technology in 2003. Worked as a programmer at an IT company before joining JAXA in 2007.

Deaf pupils punished with their mouth and hands taped in class

The Aichi Prefecture Education Board announced on February 25 that there was a corporal punishment in December in the elementary department of the Aichi Prefecture Okazaki School for the Deaf.

A male hearing teacher (47) who was an assistant teacher for the second-grade pupils put the adhesive tape on the mouth and the wrist of four pupils. The Board will disposes of him soon.

The teacher punished them because they did not stop whispering in class, and had them cleaned in the classroom with the adhesive tape on their mouth and wrist.

He said that they never stopped whispering in spite of the warning many times. He has been removed from the teaching position.

This punishment came to light as the pupils' parents informed the school on December 17, to which school authorities apologized.

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National team return home with the dream of Deaflympic Games dissapeared

National team members returned at Narita Air Port

February 18, 2011

Over 20 members of the Japanese National Team including the staff for the Deaflympic Winter Games returned home from Slovakia on February 18.

They were to compete for snowboard, the cross-country, and alpine. When arriving at New Tokyo International Airport at Narita, they met the staff from the Japanese Federation of the Deaf and held each other even with floating tears. They had stayed in Slovakia until February 12, and learned the cancellation of the Games later.

The International Sports Committee of the Deaf (ICSD) says that they have filed criminal charges against the Slovakia organization committee, etc. responsible for the management.

HARADA Noboru (34), captain of the team, who was aiming at the 3rd straight victory with snowboard, said, "The dream has gone. It is still hard to believe it".

One of the staff said with anger, "There was no snow in ski slopes, and neither the course was prepared. We suspected that from the beginning the Slovakian group was not much motivated".

YAMANE Shoji, JFD sports chairman who led the national team, spoke, "It is regrettable that we the team had to come home in such shape as we eagerly left for Slovakia".

Deaflympic Games suddenly called off, disappointing Japanese athletes


It was reported that the 17th Deaflympic Winter Games, scheduled to begin in Slovakia on February 18, was called off due to lack of the management funding.

Among 52 members of the Japanese national team who were to participate, 23 athletes already were around in Slovakia for a practice.

The International Sports Committee of the Deaf announced the cancellation of the Games on February 11 (12 in Japan standard time).

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf received the report and told the national team, giving the group who remained in Japan a briefing on February 15. A few felt bitter with tears about the sudden news. JFD officials said, "Their pain is grave because they have practiced hard for the Games. We want to protest against the organizer".

Over 300 athletes from 22 countries and regions were expected to compete at the Winter Games.