Gifu School for the Deaf children challenge pizza making at store
June 6, 2017

28 elementary children of Gifu School for the Deaf in Gifu-shi, Gifu Prefecture, near Osaka, visited the pizza store in the city, "Da Asch" and learned how to make pizza from the cooking staff on June 5.

The staff showed how to stretch dough, etc., speaking slowly while communicating by gesture. (photo)

The store has invited the children who have disabilities as their contribution in the area by offering a program with pizza making and a dinner since four years ago.

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Sapporo-shi to discuss Sign Language Regulation with Deaf organization

June 6, 2017

Sapporo-shi in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, made the policy on June 5 which places sign language as a language and considers establishment of "Sign Language Regulation" aiming at improvement of Deaf persons' right.

The City Office has aimed at developing a policy on the regulation which communication means of the person with disabilities, such as sign language as well as braille and the transliteration, incorporated widely at first. The policy was changed because a Deaf group arose a question.

The city will discuss a legal text with the group; such as a phrase "Sign language has its own language system", "the city enforces the policy to promote understanding of sign language," and others. The regulation establishment time is uncertain.

In Hokkaido 13 municipalities of autonomous bodies including Ishikari-shi and Shintoku-cho have established a sign language regulation as of April 20.

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TRS saves Deaf persons in marine accident at night

June 4, 2017
At night on June 3, four Deaf office workers aged between 46 and 51 caught the pleasure boat that was overturned at Mikawa Bay in Nishino-shi, Aichi Prefecture located in central Japan, and they were rescued. 

One of the Deaf men requested relief using "the Telephone Relay Service" through his own smart phone. The patrol boat received the emergency notice and rescued about four hours later.

Around 5:30pm on June 3, an engine stopped the pleasure boat by some defects according to Marine Safety Station officials. They assumed that seawater might enter in the boat, which later was overturned.

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Prince Akishinonomiya speaks at 65th National Deaf Conference

Prince Akishinonomiya and his wife visit a work exhibit 
at Fukuoka Deaf Special Support High School.
June 4, 2017

Prince Akishinonomiya, the younger brother of the Crown Prince, and his wife Kiko attended the 65th National Deaf Conference at Fukuoka-shi located in Japan's southern island on June 4.

This meet, attracting about 4,100 persons who were Deaf and welfare persons concerned, commemorated Japanese Federation of the Deaf's 70th anniversary of establishment.

Prince Akishinonomiya presented his greeting, speaking with sign language, "I pay my respects to long effort of the Federation which has advanced social involvement of the Deaf persons. I hope sincerely that development of community building based on a universal design and the information access environment will be accelerated."

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Fire fighting staff in Hokkaido start learning sign language for sports meet
June 3, 2017

The 50th Hokkaido Summer Deaf Athletic Meeting" will be held on July 1-2 at Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido, Japan's norther island. 

A sign language study meeting for the fire fighting staff was held at the city fire fighting head office. About 30 firemen  learned the basic sign language used at a first aid site. (photo)

The study meeting was planned in cooperation with  Kitahiroshima Association of the Deaf, the sponsor of the sports meet, to help a fire fighting staff  communicate with a Deaf person better when a first aid is requested at the meet. 

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